In the News : NES office shifted from Nyirubjoli, Nirjuli to NES Secretariat Richi Jullang, Itanagar, Executive meeting on Friday, 25th Oct 2019, Nyishi Elite Society Elected New President for term 2019-2022..

I would like to extend my hearty congratulations and best wishes to the fellow brethren for completion of 25 years of glorious service to the community. The theme of the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of Nyishi Elite Society (1987-2012) - Nurturing Youth Energy and Harnessing Women Folk, shall go a long way in shaping the future of the community in the long run. I would also like to extend my thanks to the editorial board for bringing out a befitting Souvenir on the momentous occasion. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the executive members during my two consecutive terms from 2007-2010 and 2010-2013for showing exemplary team spirit, dint of hard work and dedication towards community service.

It is now time for the members of the community to retrospect the past, analyze the present andfore sight for the future. We have already crossed the crucial periods in the past. History reminds us that in the past we have achieved our due share only after we fought hard. We need to work hard to overcome any situations and join our hands in marching together throughout the 21st century and then to the centuries to come. We have to build a strong edifice for all-round development and socio-economic sustainability of our people. In addition, we must also preserve, protect and propagate the rich cultural heritage of the community and ensure vibrancy in posterity.

Nevertheless, the Nyishis have to play the role of a caring and loving big brother and shoulder the responsibility towards -A PANARUNACHAL APPROACH - the Bulls Eye agenda of the Nyishi Elite Society. We have to imbibe the spirit of oneness amongst all Arunachalees, build cohesiveness, mutual trust & confidence, ensuring peace, progress and prosperity. Towards this end, the Nyishi Elite Society needs to put all out efforts on mission mode in infusing life into the Arunachal Pradesh Indigenous Tribes Forum (APITF). Apart from APITF, we have to explore a broader forum for the state involving non-indigenous people living in the state who have also contributed a lot towards the development of the state. We have to jointly dream for an Arunachal- a piece of heaven on earth for our generations after generations, after we are gone! This dream shall remain a mere dream unless all citizen of Arunachal man

Nyishi no aturto; Aturto Arunachal; JaiHind!


(Bengia Tolum)

Nyishi Elite Society.