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Sunday, 16th April 2017 at 1400 Hrs.


0.0     The Nyishi Elite Society met the press fraternity at Itanagar Press Club to ventilate on three nagging and sentimental issues on non-responsive attitude of the Government as under -


  1. Implementation of Nyishi Heritage Village:

1.1     The NES Silver Jubilee Celebration-cum-10th General Conference at Yazali on 19th April 2013 ignited an intellectual discussion and conceptualized the need for Nyishi Heritage Village at Yazali, the cultural epicentre of the Nyishi community. The Government of Arunachal Pradesh accorded sanction for Rs.2.00 crore under order No. SPWD/RE-22/YCC/2013-14/1793 dated 24.03.2013 for C/O Heritage Village at Yazali. Due to technical reasons of the proposed site at Yazali, i.e, (i) limited scope for future expansion and possibility of complete erosion (ii) submergence on next phases of NEEPCO and (iii) blatant reluctance on the part of the land owner, the site was changed to Hoj, near Potin in Papum Pare district conveyed to the authority by the Executive Engineer, Yazali under letter No.YZD/W-45/2014-15/830-33 dated 9th October 2014. The new site for the Heritage Village had sufficient scope for future expansion.

1.2     A few vested interests filed a PIL at Itanagar Bench of Guwahati High Court on 06.12.2014 and thus, the dream project faced its first pinch, though the Government ordered the shifting and passed necessary instructions for fund transfer under letter No. SPED/W-644/10 dated 10th November 2014. The Hon’ble High Court in its judgment of 14-05-2015 authorized the Government to decide as to where the Heritage village shall be established. Obviously, the decision conveyed by the Government on 10th November 2014 must be in place, i.e, Hoj, near Potin as per the authority and freedom granted by the court to the Government. The Government under order No. SPWD/W-468/2015 dated 30th July 2015 constituted a four member committee under the chairmanship of the then Commissioner (LM) to submit site verification report and recommendations within fifteen days which stood expired on expiry of fifteen days. Therefore, taking suo-moto action, the Government under letter No. SPWD/W-644/2010(Pt)/879 dated 21st January 2016 issued Government approval for C/O Heritage Village at Hoj under Sagalee PWD Division.

1.3     The infamous Presidents Rule was imposed on 26th January 2016, the anti-development forces were again incited to submit representation to the controversial Governor, Shri J.P Rajkhowa on 2nd February 2016 to stall the Government decision who in turn immediately wrote to the Commissioner (PWD) duly authenticated as PRIORITY by the Secretary to the Governor under letter No.GS/Deptt.41/2012/19 dated 19th February 2016.

1.4     Since then, the dream project has gone through series of trials and tribulations at different testing times in different hands under different leadership. Therefore, we drew the attention and requested the present leadership to communicate the final decision latest by 8th February 2017, wherein, we made it vivid clear that otherwise, it shall be presumed that the Government is not sincere towards the project communicated under our letter No.NES/Prez-01/2016-19 dated 23rd January 2017. But alas, we could not garner heed of the present Government either! I have led series of delegation to the Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister.

1.5     And latest in the series under our letter No.NES/GS-01/2016-19 dated 1st February 2017 addressed to the Commissioner, PWD, we set a timeline of 10th February 2017 to communicate the Government stand. Unfortunately, it has gone into cold storage. If such a small thing is not addressed, we have no hopes and aspirations from the present leadership of greater services to the community.

1.6     Unfortunately, we are yet to see any response from the Government thereby, compelling us to doubt the sincerity of the Government on the issue to which the Govt. could act on the favourable court verdict given under aforesaid para (1.2).


  1. Creation of Pakke-kessang and Khamle Districts:

2.1     The demand for creation of Pakke-kessang district dates back to 1984-85; more than three decade. The matter has been pursued by the Nyishi Elite Society since 2009 after its historic Academic Awareness Tour. Again, a follow-up reminder was submitted to the Hon’ble Chief Minister on 2nd February 2013.

2.2     There is no any controversy in the boundary and districts headquarter in the proposed new district. The entire ground work has already been completed including land donation without leaving any scope of documentary hitches for its creation.

2.3     Similarly, one Assembly constituency with a unique feature, spread up in two districts i.e, 25-Raga Assembly Constituency is also the long felt demand of the community for creation of Khamle district by reorganizing Upper and Lower Subansiri districts. Though the Hon’ble Chief Minister has announced creation of Khamle district at Raga on the occasion of Golden Jubilee Boori-Boot Yullo Celebration on 5th February 2017, nothing appears to be moving forward to make it come true.

2.4     The NES delegation implored upon the HCM for creation of Pakke-kessang by reorganizing East Kameng district and Khamle district by reorganizing Upper & Lower Subansiri districts on 9th February 2017 for road connectivity to Tali by 5th December 2017, but unfortunately, no tangible initiative is forthcoming despite of positive response in the meeting.


  1. Vital road connectivity:

3.1     Time and again, the Nyishi Elite Society has been pleading the Government for C/O (1) Itanagar -  Tarasso - Seijosa road connecting East Kameng with Papum pare district & Seijosa - Rissi Tapo - Bhalukpong escape route connecting West Kameng district to minimize the dependence on Assam road.

3.2     But, to our dismay, this vital road connectivity is yet to find place in the developmental agenda of the Government.

3.3     Equally, the point of concern is that Tali, ADC HQ (Ind) is one of the oldest administrative Headquarter established in 1957 and the only Assembly Constituency i.e 21-Tali AC yet to be connected by road even after seventy years of Indian Independence. A memorandum to the HCM was submitted by the NES delegation team on 25th December 2016 for inauguration of Kumey Bridge to be consecrated by the HCM himself for a historic connectivity to Tali on 5th December 2017 commemorating NES Tali entourage of 5th December, last year, which was discussed in details during our delegation meeting with the HCM.

4.4     Unfortunately, with the passing limited working days due to imminent monsoon, the sincerity of the Government remained doubtful in this count also.


  1.  Summation:

5.1     The purpose of this press conference is to remind the Government to read the pulse of people as the institution of democracy doctrines and act promptly. We have reasons to believe that if the frantic call of the Nyishis are put in back seat, the condition of our other brethren of the state could be deplorable.

5.2     We look forward for continued relationship of the ruler and the ruled in the true spirit of democracy and hopefully hope that the aforesaid easily workable activities shall be taken up on a war footing without further delay. Otherwise, we shall be forced to go for alternative democratic means to get it done, for ‘we want action and not lip service’.

5.3     In the moral obligation of the role of big a brother - the Nyishis have never raised its voice in allocation of resources of the state. Nevertheless, we always aspire that our due share must be given proportionate to the population and geographical area. The expenditure in the capital complex should not be misconstrued as an expenditure in the Nyishi areas as the state capital is for the entire Arunachal Pradesh.


Jai Arunachal! Jai Hind!


Itanagar Press Club,

Sunday, April 16, 2017.


Bengia Tolum, President